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Amazon Linux AMIで実行したときのメモ。


[ec2-user@ip-10-150-186-205 ~]$ sudo su -
[root@ip-10-150-186-205 ~]# bash < <(curl -s
Current branch master is up to date.

  RVM:  Shell scripts enabling management of multiple ruby environments.
  HELP: (#rvm on

Installing RVM to /usr/local/rvm/
    Correct permissions for base binaries in /usr/local/rvm/bin...
    Copying manpages into place.
RVM system user group 'rvm' exists, proceeding with installation.
Ensuring 'ec2-user' is in group 'rvm'
Adding user 'ec2-user' to the RVM group 'rvm'

Notes for Linux ( Amazon Linux AMI release 2011.02.1.1 (beta) )

NOTE: 'ruby' represents Matz's Ruby Interpreter (MRI) (1.8.X, 1.9.X)
             This is the *original* / standard Ruby Language Interpreter
      'ree'  represents Ruby Enterprise Edition
      'rbx'  represents Rubinius

bash >= 3.2 is required
curl is required
git is required (>= 1.7 recommended)
patch is required (for ree and some ruby-head's).

If you wish to install rbx and/or Ruby 1.9 head (MRI) (eg. 1.9.2-head),
then you must install and use rvm 1.8.7 first.

If you wish to have the 'pretty colors' again,
  set 'export rvm_pretty_print_flag=1' in ~/.rvmrc.

  # For RVM
  rvm: yum install -y bash curl git

  # For Ruby (MRI & Ree) you should install the following OS dependencies:
  ruby: yum install -y gcc-c++ patch readline readline-devel zlib zlib-devel libyaml-devel libffi-devel openssl-devel ;
        yum install -y iconv-devel # NOTE: For centos 5.4 final iconv-devel might not be available :(

  # For JRuby (if you wish to use it) you will need:
  jruby: yum install -y java

Installation of RVM to /usr/local/rvm/ is complete.


Thank you very much for using RVM! I sincerely hope that RVM helps to
make your work both easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any questions, issues and/or ideas for improvement please
join#rvm on and let me know, note you must register
( and identify (/msg nickserv <nick> <pass>) to
talk, this prevents spambots from ruining our day.

My irc nickname is 'wayneeseguin' and I hang out in #rvm typically

  ~09:00-17:00EDT and again from ~21:00EDT-~23:00EDT

If I do not respond right away, please hang around after asking your
question, I will respond as soon as I am back.  It is best to talk in
#rvm itself as then other users can help out should I be offline.

Be sure to get head often as rvm development happens fast,
you can do this by running 'rvm get head' followed by 'rvm reload'
or opening a new shell


    ~ Wayne

[root@ip-10-150-186-205 ~]#


yum install -y gcc-c++ make patch readline readline-devel zlib zlib-devel libyaml-devel openssl-devel

rvm install 1.8.7
rvm install 1.9.2